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Sacred Knowledge, Magic & the I-Ching


Magical Applications Book
Practical Magical Applications:
A Wizard's Compendium

What is Magic?
Why do we Use It?
What about Prayer?
Is this Witchcraft?
Where do I Begin?

Level One
The Three Realms
Basic Astral Containers
Casting a Circle

Level Two
Cloaking: Art of the Ninja
Chromomancy & Sigil Magic

Level Three
Vibrational Spectral Field

Level Four
Advanced Zero-Point Field

Upcoming Workshops
Jedi & Magical Training

Unified Harmonic Matrix Lens
Unified Harmonic Matrix:
Universal Fractal Coherence

Principles: Vibration,
Expression, & Transcendant

Ray of Creation
& Numerology

Zero :   0
One :   1

Two :   2
Three :   3
Four :   4

Physicality :   5
Emotionality :   6
Rationality :   7

Eight :   8
Nine :   9
Ten : 10

Eleven : 11
Reality : 12
Thirteen : 13

Fourteen : 14
Communicability : 15
Sixteen : 16

Seventeen : 17
Spirituality : 18
Nineteen : 19

Twenty : 20
Singularity : 21

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Working With Spirits Elemental
Working with Spirits:
A Guide to Many Realms


Realms of Study

Sovereignty & the Trinity

Beings of Many Realms
***coming soon***


Kaia Ra
trance channel
for the Ancestors
and Star Nations

Adam Apollo on
Explore the Dreamcatcher
Start Lucid Dreaming
Share Your Dreams

Working With Spirits Elemental
Experience Encoded

Decoding the I-Ching

Translating Elements

Other I-Ching Translations
Circle Translation of Fu Hsi
Synaptic Transcription
Spherical Interrelation

I-Ching, Genetics, & Time
RNA Mandala
Radial Sequencing


Random I-Ching Reading

I-Ching Calculator
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