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Unified Harmonic Dimensional Matrix



An Introduction to the Universal Fractal Scaling Laws

Principles: Vibration,
Expression, & Transcendant

Ray of Creation
& Numerology

Zero :   0
One :   1

Two :   2
Three :   3
Four :   4

Physicality :   5
Emotionality :   6
Rationality :   7

Eight :   8
Nine :   9
Ten : 10

Eleven : 11
Reality : 12
Thirteen : 13

Fourteen : 14
Communicability : 15
Sixteen : 16

Seventeen : 17
Spirituality : 18
Nineteen : 19

Twenty : 20
Singularity : 21

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The Unified Harmonic Dimensional Matrix emerged from a series of visions that vividly reflected the interconnectedness of all things on all levels of existence. In these visions, I witnessed a single Eye connected through layers and layers of systems, becoming an entire Body. The Body was just one part of the land around it, woven through food, water, and Sun into the fabric of life. This fabric forms whole Continents, and each Continent in turn weaves together to form the whole Earth.

I witnessed the Earth in an interwoven dance with the Moon and other planets around the Sun, and the Sun in turn flowing in sync with other stars around the Milky Way Galaxy. The Galaxy itself is traveling in a web with other Galaxies that form our Virgo Galactic Cluster, and that cluster dances with countless others across the expanding Universe.

The Universe I saw, is one of many Universes, forming threads of energy that weave through a fractaline Infinitiverse, those threads becoming geometric structures that eventually form even larger toroidal flows that connect in spherical coherence. I saw these spheres clustered, surrounded by many colors and vibrations of light, Electrons around the Nucleus of an Atom. The Atoms dance in interwoven chains as electromagnetic waves pass from one to another along a helical spiral that becomes DNA. Chains of DNA weave spiral after spiral layer around protein spheres that become Chromosomes, and these in turn radiate energy webs like Galaxies in a cluster that are surrounded by the Nuclear Membrane in the core of a Cell, an entire Universe of life in itself.

Organelles form patterns around the Nucleus, finally forming structures that complete the whole Cell, which is then braided in interwoven patterns to form Tissues. The Tissues interconnect with pattern and purpose to form a whole Organ, which I saw as the Human Eye, interconnected with the rest of the neurological system and the other Organ Systems of the Body. Finally, as all these connect together, you have the whole Body, another complete Universe of life, energy, and information.

After years of research, I realized that there is a natural organization to these dimensional layers of the Universe, in which there is a sort of coherence across lines of scale that mirror the processes of our consciousness. The following is an introduction to this research and my visual expressions of this understanding, integrating and explaining the Unified Harmonic Dimensional Matrix through a description of what might be called the Ray of Creation, and numerological progressions.

In the video below, I explore the Unified Harmonic Matrix in depth. The following graphic illustrates each of the dimensional layers and corresponding geometries, and the exposition following covers each of the numerological steps in the Ray of Creation that produces the fractal matrix of space-time.

Unified Harmonic Matrix by Adam Apollo Physicality Emotionality Rationality Reality Communicability Spirituality Singularity Physicality- Pentagram, 5-VSF, Atomic Nucleus, Cell Nucleus, Body, Planet Emotionality- Hexagram, 6-VSF, Atom, Cell, Emotional Body, Lunar System Rationaltity- Heptagram, 7-VSF, Molecule, Tissue, Mental Body, Solar System Reality- Dodecagram, 12-VSF, DNA, Organ, Interpersonal Field, Galactic System Communicability- Pentakaidecagram, 15-VSF, Chromosomes, Organ Systems, Cultural Field, Galactic Cluster Spirituality- Octakaidecagram, 18-VSF, Cell Nucleus, Body, Planet Singularity- Icosakaidecagram, 21-VSF, Whole Cell, Energy Body, Lunar System

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The Universe is a Fractal. Existence is Consciousness. Everything is Aligned.


Principles: Vibration, Expression, & Transcendant

Many Different Chakra Models and Color Systems
There are many different Chakra models
that have unique color systems.
But what connects them?

Color Frequencies
Color is really a frequency that is expressed
in our minds as a certain hue. Some cultures
express the Element of Earth as brown,
where other cultures expressed it as green.


Optical Illusion Checker Board Transcendant
In the image above, Squares A & B are
exactly the same shade of grey.
If you look at the right edge of the
grey card that overlaps each, you will
see that this is True. Your perception
does not naturally see it, so you
must step into another perspective.

Between every holistic system, there are always similiarities and differences. Often, the differences are regarded as the elements which separate one system from another. This can also lead to the belief that the system that one is familiar with is right, whereas other systems are wrong, because of these differences. We say, "This can't be true, because that other thing is true." What we don't say is, "This is true because I understand it, and that other thing can't be true because I don't understand it (or I haven't experienced it yet)."

Well, what is Truth anyway?

A common response is, "Well, all truth is relative." This is correct, but it shouldn't be an excuse for not actually searching out the Truth, or discovering how two different systems can both be sharing the Truth.

Here are a few principles I've found that help with this process of "converting one Truth to another," or in other words, translating.

1. There is a difference between Vibration and Expression.

This means that when something vibrates, there is a frequency and form to that vibration, but the frequency and form are not always present in the way we express that vibration. The color red has a frequency, which tell us how fast it vibrates, or more accurately, how often each of its waves pass by any given point in space relative to the speed of light passing through that point. However, we don't draw red or describe red with squiggly waves of vibration, we pick out the red crayon with the wax that is reflecting the red light frequency and draw with it. We say that the color of the wax on the page is red, but that's really just the expression we call red. The real "red" is in the vibrational frequency.

What we often find in looking at different Chakra or Numerology systems from different cultures is that they often don't agree on either the number or color that represents each Chakra, or the Numerology of a sacred geometry form will be described exactly the same, but have one more or one less in the number of vertices.

With color, this is usually an issue of expression versus vibration. One culture decided to express a certain element or energy with one color, whereas another culture decided to express that same element or energy with a different color.

I have found it extremely useful to look at every way I can possibly find that a certain element or energy has been expressed by different cultures, then work to understand the reason why each expressed it the way they did by looking at the similarities, differences, and histories of each of the cultural groups. This is the sociology of Metaphysics.

In the models below, what I have displayed are the vibrational forms of each Chakra, and colored each of the primary points by a systematic study of the vibration of each component element and energy, as well as its most common universal expressions.

2. There is always a Transcendant of any number or geometric form.

If you are in the experience of the Duality (2), perceiving things from the point of view of Positive or Negative, you can only see the other option, and so you are forced to choose between one way or the other, black or white. However, if you realize that you are choosing, and are able to step back and perceive your own point of view for a moment, you will suddenly be seeing both Positive and Negative from a neutral state of Balance. In this way, you can Transcend duality through being able to perceive duality as an external observer, and then you are experiencing the Trinity (3).

Each step in the evolution of the Ray of Creation is a Transcendance from the previous step. Do not make the mistake of judging this as better or worse! It simply is seeing where you have been from a new perspective, one that encompasses everything previous to it. If you woke up suddenly in a strange room you've never seen before, how do you know where that room is? The only way to know is to step outside the room itself, and possibly outside the building, to understand the place where you have been. This is similar to Plato's cave analogy.

3. The Transcendant is an intrinstic part of Experience, and so is part of any Vibrational form.

As an example, you will find below that I've described the Root Chakra in depth, and I'm illustrating it as a 5-Pointed system with 5 Elements, where you may have heard that the Root Chakra is supposed to have 4 Lotus petals. This is because the Hindu numerology of the Root Chakra is based on its expression, namely the four Earth elements, four corners, four directions, and so on.

The description below recognizes these four expressions, and also takes into account the Transcendant as a part of the vibrational exchange between the four elements. This means that the Spirit point is part of the exchange between all the other elements, and must be present for the Experience of that layer of existence.

In some of the geometries below, there are multiple Transcendants, especially in the Trinity forms of the Higher 3 Chakras (the 15, 18, and 21). These multiple Transcendants are part of the Vibrational form, and yet there is always another Higher Transcendant which includes all the points and existing Transcendants together. This is how the unfolding continues!

As an example, with the Throat Chakra (Communicability, 15), you have three Spirit points (or Transcendants), which are each of the Spirit points from the three 5 Pointed Pentagrams that make up the 15 Pointed Star (Pentakaidecagram). This is the Vibrational Form of the Throat Chakra. The 16th Point is the next Transcendant, and now there is only One Transcendant in the vibrational form. The addition of the 17th Point adds another Transcendant to the previous, so now there is two. Finally, at the 18th Point, the Third Transcendant (or Trinity) is present again, and the Third-Eye Chakra Vibrational center can be established. The Third-Eye Chakra (Spirituality, 18) is a collective experiencial field, which is why the Trinity is necessary for its completion.


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The Ray of Creation: Numerology of Existence

Numbers are more than concepts, greater than ideas, and beyond symbols.

When Einstein said, "God doesn't play dice with the Universe," he was very likely referring to the fact that Mathematics, from simple whole number addition to complex tensors, contains a beauty and perfect order that defies explanation. Within all number systems there are structures that reveal "impossible coincidences" to the untrained eye, but to the astute observer, the breathtaking synchronization is a source of inspiration so great it very often leads to life-dedication and endless enjoyment.

Perhaps this beauty is simply a reflection, showing us that all the numbers simply reveal properties of consciousness within us. Perhaps they can enable us to understand our relationship with the Universe, and begin to unfold the secrets of our Source, Essence, and Purpose.

This is a Journey reflecting our own...



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Void - Nothing - Zero - 0

The Void is Infinite Potential.

Before time, before space, before anything, there was nothing. An emptiness pregnant with the very essence of everything, for everything emerged from it. Undefinable, unlimited, unbounded, and composed of the Mystery itself, the Real Zero can not be conceived, as it is primary to the act of conception.

This is the Divine Womb, the Sacred Circle, the Sacred Mother of All.


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Unity - Everything - One - 1

Eternity is Unity.

Infinite potential is made manifest in itself, but is still Infinite. There is no separation between the zero and the one, because the moment you are conscious of the nothing, it is now something. The nothing and the everything are the same, as neither can exist without each other. There is no division in the Infinite; no time passes in the Eternal. The Real One cannot be defined, as it is primary to the act of definition.

This is the Divine Gift, the Creator, the Sacred Father of All.


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Duality - Time - Two - 2

Time begins in the first moment.

Interaction, relationship, polarity.

In that beginning there is suddenly a differentiation between the Eternal Union and movement within that union. There is a difference between being in the womb, one with the body of the Mother, and emerging in birth to become something different.

Inherent in two is the first breath, the first division, the initiation of Duality. In the birth of the Universe, the first moment in time also gives rise to the first separation between heat and cold (or less hot), light and dark, thick and thin, fast and slow, positive and negative charge, and the root of all other permutations of duality.


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Trinity - Balance - Three - 3

Unity remains Present.

In the first moment of time, in the birth of duality and separation, there remains an exact point of balance between any two opposing forces. An exact point of equality between an area of heat and an area of cold, or between any other two polarities, will always be present. The three is a moderator for the forces of change, the fabric of Space that stretches between the boundaries of Time.

Inherent in three is the creative dynamic that composes all things in Space-Time. It represents the three Eternal perspectives, the Trinity of Being. Within Yin, Yang, and the Balance, between the Holy Spirit, Father, and Son, among the Mother, Virgin, and Crone, along with Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma, the three allows for all of Existence to Be.


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Awareness - Creation - Four - 4

Consciousness emerges.

Just as the One gives birth to Time in order to allow experience, so the Three gives birth to Four in order to allow creation and awareness. Just as each of the three perspectives that generate all dynamics of existence become present, so does the awareness of each of these perspectives and their perfect unity emerge.

They witness the alchemy of the opposites in the two, and the ever present state of balance between them. The many forms of the trinity become apparent, and the Sacred Symbolism of the dance of existence begins to unfold.

Within the Yang and Yin, Heat and Cold, or Fire and Water of the birth of the universe, the balance is always present, and creation emerges when the opposites interact. When Fire and Water are mixed, Air emerges, though it was always present within both elements.

In the creation of Light, from the Purple-Violet-Magenta at each end of the spectrum, comes the Red and the Blue. The Purple light remains, always in the balance, but new energy and light between the Red and Blue is also emerging. A golden light directly between the Red and Blue is Born, and this Golden Light is like the Air, the Yellow, the other Primary Element being born in perfect balance with the equilibrium of Purple light.

In the generation of the atomic structure, the Proton and Electron emerge, forming an alchemy of positive and negative charges. Balance continues to remain between them, but also forges the creation of a neutral energy field to manifest the physical form of balance in Space-Time, which becomes the Neutron.

The Eternal observer who is the union between the opposites recognizes their Self, observing their Trinity of perfection from a fourth point of observation, which in itself is an act of Creation.


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Physicality - Root Chakra - Five - 5


Point: 1 Dimensional Position
0 Dimensional Spacetime

Pentagram: Phi Ratio Vibrational Form
Spacetime Curvature

Atomic Nucleus
Microcosm: Atomic Nucleus

Cell Nucleus
Biocosm: Cell Nucleus

Body Nucleus
Metacosm: Body

Macrocosm: Earth

5 Pointed Star Pentagram Fire Air Earth Water Spirit

Each act of Creation can be both experienced and observed. Experience is embedded within the interaction, and observation encompasses the interaction.

When the alchemical dance between Yin and Yang and the Balance between them is observed, the observer is the Spirit, witnessing and encompassing the dance of energy in existence as a fourth essence. In this state, the observer is experiencing Creation, and observing the Balance.

When the observer then decides to observe this experience of Creation, a new layer of creation is made possible. As Yin, Yang, and the Balance, or the light frequencies of Red, Blue, and Yellow, or the symbolic energies of Fire, Water, and Air, are observed to be part of a greater whole, the observer can now objectively view themselves. In the case of the symbolic energies of Fire, Air, and Water, these elements can be been to come together in a whole which can be symbolized as Earth.

The observer still exists as Spirit, observing everything, and Being or experiencing the state of unity or greater whole of all the things. Each time the observer steps out of the state of experiencing to observe it, a new layer of experience emerges. This is the nature of Reality, and is the Key to the Dimensionality of Consciousness.

When the observer first witnesses the experience of Creation, they have entered the realm of the Physical. From the moment of Birth, our first experience of being an Individual is our Physical separation from our Mothers.

To experience the Physical, one only needs to sense something. No change is necessary, as the Physical is simply what IS. Like a point or a particle, we define a Physical object by its position, size, and mass relative to other Physical objects, and no passage of time is required to refine this description.

Historically, most of the earliest religions on the Planet focused on a relationship with Divinity through Physical experience. Looking at their bodies and the lands around them for signs to understand the great "What" and "Why" of Life, several things were noticed by most early peoples on Earth.

They recognized that there were clearly "directions" in their relationship to the world around them. There was the direction they saw when they turned their heads all the way to the right, and there was the direction they saw when they turned all the way to the left. There was the direction in front of them, and the direction behind their backs. Then there was them, their centers, their bodies, connected to the Earth and to the Sky.

They saw the Sun and Moon rising in one direction, and setting in another. Those living far from the Equator saw that the stars rotated around a point in one direction, and not in the other. They designated the four directions because there were distinct experiences in each of these directions.

Some also related these four directions to four elements, as they saw that there were hard things that seemed part of the Earth, liquid things that flowed like Water, hot things that burned and transformed like Fire, and intangible things that shifted like the wind and Air.

They also realized that they were somehow experiencing all of these things, as a part of them, and also distinct from them in some way. These elements were all inside of them, and yet they were not any of the elements in themselves. They were Spirits, breathing Air, drinking Water, and eating Earth, with a Fire inside each of them.

Recording this Sacred Knowledge, some drew a cross to the four directions, with a circle in the center. Others drew a star with five points inside a circle, bringing the observer element of Spirit into the Circle with the four directions as four elements. Through the crafting of these Sigils, they developed a way to communicate with the Divine through the Physical realm, and understand its messages as a language.

As we have come to understand the Universe, we now can witness the fractal way in which each octave of scale in the Universe contains a layer that seems to exist for the sole purpose of allowing Physical experience to occur.

Microcosm: The nucleus of each atom contains within it the Physical mass of the atom, which gives us the experience of an object's weight and density. It is this experience that gives us a sense of an object's physical presence. Air seems "less physical" than Water, simply because it is lighter.

Biocosm: The nucleus of each cell in your body contains within it all the information that stores the Physical blueprint of your entire body. The physical body itself is a result of the capacity of these nuclei to host this information, as it is the passing of this data from one cell to another that builds every part of your body into the physical shape, form, and function you experience.

Metacosm: The body is in turn the nucleus of our entire Physical experience. It carries the tools that we use to experience physical reality, and confirm these experiences through senses, feelings, and changes in our physical form.

Macrocosm: The Earth is the nucleus of our cosmological Physical experience. It is our vehicle in space-time, and it hosts all the physical events and processes that compose each facet of our lives and sensorial experiences.


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Emotionality - Lunar Chakra - Six - 6

Emotional Line
Line: 2 Dimensional Position
1 Dimensional Spacetime

Hexagon Hexagram 6 Simplex
Hexagram: Flower of Life Vibrational Form
Spacetime Surface Equilibrium

Microcosm Atom
Microcosm: Atom

Biocosm Cell
Biocosm: Cell

Metacosm Aura
Metacosm: Aura

Macrocosm Moon
Macrocosm: Moon
Lunar System

6 Pointed Star Hexagram Spectrum

As the observer decides to step out of the experience of the Physical, and look deeper into the source of all Physical experience, they realize that everything is in a state of vibration. The only difference between the Fire and the Water is its state of vibration. In this observation, all experience can be seen to be vibration of one form or another, including the act of perceiving. This realization allows the individual to step outside the Physical experience, and see that Life is also a fundamental Element of existence.

In Chinese philosophy, the five elements of Fire, Metal, Earth, Water, and Wood were observed as part of the alchemy of vibration and feeling in the body. Their descriptions of Metal are the same as Air, as Metal is forged from Fire and Water, and represents the focus of Intention, much like the Breath. Wood is the only "living" element here, and is intended as the representation of Spirit being observed in the flow of Time, which is the same as Life. The five elements of Chinese philosophy are actually part of Six when Spirit is once again included as an observer and transcendant, and are used to describe Chi or life-energy in different states of vibration, or E-Motion.

In recognizing the Self at the center of the Four Directions, one also comes to realize that this center is part of a spectrum reaching from Earth to Sky. Above and below are both part of the center, but are very different in themselves. The earth is hard and dense, pulls things towards it and embraces them; the sky is clear and open, a window to unlimited potential, but difficult to reach.

Since our bodies are built to stand vertically, early cultures on Earth realized that there is a whole universe of layers between our connection with the ground under our feet, and the sky above our heads. They also realized that sometimes they felt heavy and pulled to the ground, while at other times they felt light and free as though they could fly. To understand each of these experiences, one must experience both ends of this spectrum. Until one has felt deep sadness, it is difficult to know brilliant joy.

Such is the nature of color and contrast, and this is the language of Emotions. Our feelings engulf and change our Physical perceptions, and can be both freeing or overwhelming. To have an Emotional experience, one must experience a change between one state of being and another. Like a line, we have one feeling at one moment in time, and another feeling at another position in time, and it is the change that allows us to define either moment of experience relative to the other.

Certain cultures began to realize that this change and the spectrum of Emotional experiences contain the key to Creation, and their relationship with the Divine. Some saw that when the colors refracting through a crystal or shining in the sky as a rainbow were mapped into a circle, they formed a continuous loop. At one end, the color entered through a gateway of purple or Violet Light, and traversed through Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and then exited through another gate of Violet Light. Each of these bands of color seemed to hold a life-force and key in themselves, as they showed up in vivid purity through other light sources, flames, dyes, crystals, and more.

In mapping each of these six color bands, it was discovered that the number six was very special for other reasons, as six circles of equal size could perfectly surround a seventh circle of the same size. Both these realizations, that White Light divides into six colors of a spectrum, and a Seventh circle can be perfectly surrounded by six others, have emerged again and again through the Ages, and formed the foundation of Sacred Geometry and Symbols of Creation for countless cultures, philosophies, and religions.

Microcosm: Atoms have a nucleus surrounded by electrons, whose state of vibration determine the color of all objects and matter. These electron fields allow certain light to reflect off of them in a certain frequency, and when energetically excited, these fields will begin to vibrate in larger waves that allow light to be emitted in all areas of the spectrum.

Biocosm: Each Cell contains a nucleus surrounded by organelles, cytoplasm, and a membrane, which enable the reception and transmission of chemical messages through the body. These chemical messages contain different vibrational codes which cause the Cells to respond in different ways, giving us a physical mechanism for Emotions.

Metacosm: Each Body is surrounded by a vibrational field which is emitted through the resonance of each Atom and Cell in the Body, and this vibrational field changes its frequency and harmonics based on Emotional and Physical changes in the Body.

Macrocosm: Planetary Systems contain a planet nucleus surrounded by one or more Moons (like electrons), each of which change aspects of the planet through a gravitational relationship, and also through reflecting a certain amount of solar light onto the surface of the planet based on each Moon's position in orbit. Earth's Moon draws the water of the entire planet with it as it orbits, changing the tides, and affects the Emotional and Physical states of all life on the planet through menstruation, psychological, and other physiological cycles.


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Mentality - Solar Chakra- Seven - 7

Mental Astral Plane
Plane: 3 Dimensional Position
2 Dimensional Spacetime

Heptagon Septagram 7 Simplex
Heptagram: Divine Star Light Form
Spacetime Radiance & Expansion

Microcosm Molecule
Microcosm: Molecule

Biocosm Tissues
Biocosm: Tissues

Metacosm Mentality
Metacosm: Mentality

Macrocosm Solar System
Macrocosm: Sun
Solar System

7 Pointed Star Heptagram Septagram Seven Forms

The observer steps outside the experience of Emotion, now percieving feelings as they have changed in time, and considering the source and forms of each. This act of observation is the step outside the realm of vibration, and into the space of identification, the realm of the Mind.

Just as the Two of Time (or vibration) always has a state of balance, so the Six of Light and Emotion has a state of perfect balance, the place where all vibration can be perceived in observation. This is the White Light at the center of the circle of color, which is transcendent to all colors, yet encompasses and penetrates them all.

Rationality is the action of the mind, creating containers for different vibrations, and is capable of changing any of them at any time. It acts like a cup holding water, changing the way waves move and flow in the water by changing its shape.

Microcosm: Atoms form molecules, and it is molecular structure, composed of single atoms and combinations of them, that form the many structures that we identify as different materials in our perception of the world. In this way, it is the structure of objects that gives us our particular concept of different items, differentiating wood from metal and other solids, water from wine and other liquids, oxygen from argon and other gasses, etc.

Biocosm: Together, cells form tissue structures. Each of these structures provide the cells with an extended function, forming brain tissue in a different strata than muscle and bone tissues. Our conceptual framework of the body itself is formed from different tissue structures.

Metacosm: Our bodies and vibrational fields form structures that mirror the mental structures we have. These structures can be collectively organized as our belief systems, yet they are built upon specific beliefs and conceptions about reality. Our mind creates structures or containers for our different states, which in turn are populated with different vibrational resonances and physical responses.

Macrocosm: The Earth and Moon system are a single atom within a much larger molecular structure that we call the Solar System. This system moves through countless configurations, which we have learned to map through the process of Astrology into the different geometric combinations and alignments that reflect the cycles and processes of our mental states. It is literally the structure of the Solar System itself that acts as a plane-like conceptual map of our collective mental state, which is then relative to each of our individual configurations, identified by the first geometric state of the Solar System we are exposed to upon leaving our Mother's body and becoming and individual body.


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Perception of Time - Eight - 8

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When the Mind is viewed objectively, it can be seen changing in its many patterns as they unfold in Time. Stepping outside the Mind is also the act of stepping outside of Light itself, which is the very essence of Space-Time, vibration, and experience.

In this way, Eight is like a gateway into the Infinite again, where the emergence of Space-Time itself can be observed, and Consciousness is the Light that permeates it, changing across Eternity.


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Eternal Present - Nine - 9

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The act of stepping outside the observation of Space-Time itself, is the act of stepping into the Eternal Potential. From the state of the Infinite Everything, one returns to the Nothing.

Similar to the form of a Phi Spiral, where does the 9 begin, and where does it end? It curls inward or outward, forming the motion of the weave of existence. It is the Harmonic Trinity of Trinities (3x3=9), and is the symbol for the Perfection of All as the Golden Mean.

Nine is the gateway back to the original essence of Creation, the fertile Womb of existence where the Everything and Nothing are One...are Zero. 10


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Ten - 10

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Everything, Self - 1.

Nothing - 0.

Being the One, perceiving the Nothing; both are present, inseparable, and are Beyond Experience and Observation, but are still Conscious, as Self.


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Eleven - 11

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Self - 1.

Everything Else - 1.

Being the One, perceiving the Infinite Potential of nothingness becoming existence, the Other is suddenly present. In this moment, the Self is seen to be One of something that is more than One. There is another One, which is Everything.

These are the Gates of the Heart, the Pillars of Atlantis. Through the Gate of the Infinite Self perceiving the Infinite Other, the alchemy of Yin and Yang are born yet again, and Time begins. Relationship is Born. The Heart Awakens.


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Relational Reality - Heart Chakra - Twelve - 12

Relational Sphere
Sphere: 4 Dimensional Position
3 Dimensional Spacetime

Dodecagon Dodegagram 12 Simplex
Dodecagram: Vector Equilibrium Form
Spacetime Dimensional Equilibrium

Microcosm DNA
Microcosm: DNA

Biocosm Organs
Biocosm: Organs

Metacosm Relationship
Metacosm: Relational Reality

Macrocosm Galaxy
Macrocosm: Galaxy
Galactic System

Aries - Fire - Outward
Taurus - Earth - Inward
Gemini - Air - Spiral
Cancer - Water - Outward
Leo - Fire - Inward
Virgo - Earth - Spiral
Libra - Air - Outward
Scorpio - Water - Inward
Sagittarius - Fire - Spiral
Capricorn - Earth - Outward
Aquarius - Air - Inward
Pisces - Water - Spiral

12 Pointed Star Dodecagram Spectral Zodiac Heart Chakra

Self - 1.

Time - 2.

Now the Self in perceiving the Other coming into existence begins to experience the Everything in the Other changing, and recognizes that each Other is different and distinct.

Within these differences and distinctions, there are also apparent patterns, visible through the Harmonics of Trinities (3x4=12), Creations (4x3=12), and Vibrations (6x2=12) embedded within the dynamics of change in the awareness of Reality.

These patterns of distinction are Archetypes, forming the pathways for the Ray of Creation to become the many different forms of Consciousness. These pathways allow for the vibrations of the Self to interact and interface directly with the vibrations of the Other, which is the Light Language of the Heart.

Microcosm: In a very special evolution of configurations, Molecules form DNA, which is able to record information and store information across endless generations. This allows the Molecules to take on a larger state of purpose, as being a resource for storing and enabling interpersonal record keeping as well as the merging of two different individual configurations into a new and more complex configuration that each child contains.

Biocosm: Tissues together form Organs, where the individual structures of the tissue now take on a collective purpose, allowing complete configurations to interact and relate with each other as more than a sum of parts. The heart has purpose, as do the lungs, stomach, bones, and every other Organ in our bodies.

Metacosm: Each of our individual Minds come together to form Relationships, which are the foundational structure for understanding our individual purpose and living in a state of communion with the Universe around us. Through our relationships, our individual states evolve and merge with others, forming more complex beings and giving birth to entirely new ideas and states of being.

Macrocosm: Our Solar System along with all the other stars we can see in the sky form the Galaxy, which takes the collective energy and configurations of each individual Star System and is slowly but surely bringing them all into greater coherence, and eventually, a state of Singularity. The Solar System is seen in it's individual beauty as part of a greater whole of many Solar Systems, forming a collective purpose and identity through Relationships.


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Thirteen - 13

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Self - 1.

Balance - 3.

The Self begins to percieve through the Heart Core that all vibrations of all Archetypes and all types of Relationships have a perfect point of Balance, a space where they are all in Union. This is the awakening of the Center of the 12 Points, and the unlocking of the experience of Creation (4) in the Heart. The Individual can now see the perfect balance in the Other, and this is the Key to the experience of Love and Re-Union.


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Fourteen - 14

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Self - 1.

Creation - 4.

When the Self observes the experience of Creation in the Other, the Purpose for this dance of Archetypes and Relationships can be seen. One perceives Creation, now what? This is the moment of purpose, where the Self has an opportunity to participate, and the experience of Physicality emerges on a higher-dimensional plane, where it is part of an exchange of Physical experience with the Other, instead of simply the Self as an Individual.


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Communicability - Throat Chakra - Fifteen - 15

Communicable Torus
Torus: 5 Dimensional Position
4 Dimensional Spacetime

Pentakaidecagon Pentakaidecagram 15 Simplex
Pentakaidegagon: Bidirectional Communicability
Spacetime Dimensional Gravitation

Microcosm Chromosome
Microcosm: Chromosome

Biocosm Organ Systems
Biocosm: Organ Systems

Metacosm Culture
Metacosm: Language & Culture

Macrocosm Galactic Cluster
Macrocosm: Galactic Cluster
Intergalactic System

15 Pointed Star Pentakaidecagram Communication Vibration Language Throat Chakra

Self - 1.

Physicality in the Other - 5.

Here the interaction between the Physicality of the Self and the Other reaches full fruition, as the Harmonic Trinity (3x5=15) of the Self 5, Other 5, and the Balance 5 between beings is present . This is the experience of Communication, where the Individual experiences a Physical exchange with the Other, and the many permutations of Language are born.

On the higher-dimensional level, the Fifteen is also about the experience of the Collective Physicality, as the Self (1) experiences the Divine Physical (5) in its wholeness, and perceives the Physical Layer of existence and experience manifesting as an observer.

The integration of these facets of the Throat Chakra and Communication occur when the Self (1) and Divine Physical (5) are allowed to merge (5+1=6), and experienced as the Vibration of the Voice, or the Word of God.

Microcosm: DNA collectively forms Genes and eventually Chromosomes, bundles that contain massive amounts of data from experiences and environmental responses over thousands of years. These Chromosomes serve a very specific function: they are able to divide with each cell division, and Communicate information from the previous cell into the new cell that is forming. Each Chromosome splits into two as a cell divides, and then through RNA replication and constant environmental updating, forms its other half again inside the two "new" cells.

Biocosm: Organs form Organ Systems, sets of organs that are capable of communicating with each other through the series of tissues connecting them. In this way, our Stomach, Intestines, Kidneys, and other Organs in our Digestive System are able to complete a complex dance of separating structures, absorbing nourishment, and expelling toxins and unused materials. Each of our Organ Systems provides a similar Communication network that serves each of our body's primary functions and interactions.

Metacosm: Each of our Relationships interact with other Relationships, forming the collective fields of our Languages and Cultures. At this level, each Relationship is seen as a component of a collective process of exchange and development. Each Individual Self and Relationship is both informing and informed by the language and culture that it collectively forms on this level of our beings.

Macrocosm: The Galaxy is but one set of Relationships within a collective of Galaxies often referred to as a Galactic Cluster or Supercluster. These Galactic Clusters, although massive in size, are constantly in a state of energetic exchange with each other, with light information from each Galaxy constantly interpenetrating every other Galaxy in the cluster. That information is almost constantly reaching us, even here on the surface of our own Planet.


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sixteen - 16

Self - 1.

Emotionality in the Other - 6.

As communication progresses in the Throat Chakra, so does the fine tuning of awareness of the source of each Physical exchange, and the vibration inherent in these exchanges. Here the Harmonic Trinity of 5+5+5 finds its Center Point, and the many different elements of language and communication merge through vibration into Union (6+1=7, spectrum into White-Light, see Seven).

Here new dynamics of Creation also emerge (4x4=16), where the limitless potential of Creative Communication become a reality through the Collective.


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Seventeen - 17

Self - 1.

Rationality in the Other - 7.

Here the need for vibration to communicate begins to dissolve, as observation of the Mind in the Other allows the Self to realize that it is in fact part of the Rationality of Others. Communication in its higher form begins to be observed as a direct exchange of thought, as the Minds of others become present in the Mind of the Self.

The observation of thought in the Other also opens a door for the observation of thought in the Self, which can allow a bridge into the perception of Time (7+1=8) and Infinity to open.


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Spirituality - Third-Eye Chakra - Eighteen - 18

Unification Wormhole
Wormhole: 6 Dimensional Position
5 Dimensional Spacetime

Octakaidecagon Octakaidecagram 18 Simplex
Octakaidecagon: Bilocational Symmetry
Spacetime Interdimensional Electromagnetism

Microcosm Cell Nuclei
Microcosm: Cell Nuclei

Biocosm Unified Bodies
Biocosm: Unified Bodies

Metacosm Unified Planet
Metacosm: Planetary Body - Gaia

Macrocosm Universe
Macrocosm: Universe
Universal System

18 Pointed Star Octakaidecagram Third-Eye Chakra Visionary Spectrum

Self - 1.

All Changes in Time - 8.

At last, the Self is able to see all changes in Time outside the Self, and most importantly, in Others. The perception of Time passing in the Other gives birth to the full awareness of the vibrational journey of experience in Time.

This is also where the Trinity of the 6 is unlocked, and the complete awareness of the Invididual Emotional Field (6), the Other's Emotional Field (6), and the Combined Emotional Field (6) can be experienced simultaneously (6+6+6=18). Through developed experience of this level, the Self begins to more clearly access and distinguish the feelings of the Self from those of the Other, and the experience of Telepathy and Empathy become very common.

The Third-Eye Chakra also completes the dual Harmonic of 9, and each of these Infinite Gates open to awareness of the Divine Source. As the Two Lotus Petals, one of the 9s is the Infinite Yin, while the other 9 is the Infinite Yang. These Two fields of awareness can become any permutation of the Two, from Self to Other, Light to Dark, and all other possible Dualities.

In its most exalted state, the Third-Eye Chakra's vibrational field is unified (1+8=9), and the Union of the Dual becomes apparent. Each stage of this process of this Chakra's development mirrors a Spiritual Stage of Maturity, and these lessons are fundamental to the Spiritual experience in itself.

Microcosm: Chromosomes collectively form the Cell Nucleus in each Cell. The Cell Nucleus at this stage can be seen as the Unified Collective of all information stored by an individual Body, including the information exchanged through Relationships. Each Cell type is determined by the impulses of the Cell Nucleus, as the Universal guidance system for the development and evolution of the entire Body.

Biocosm: Organ Systems collectively come together to form the Body, the Unified Collective of all our different information structures and exchanges that allow us to operate as a single being. Differences in our Organ Systems directly relate to differences in our appearance and capacities, from our size to strength to constitution. The Body itself is the Universe of our Individual experience, emergent from our collective ancestry and environmental exchanges.

Metacosm: All the Languages and Cultures collectively come together to form our Planetary Consciousness, literally the interface between our individual nature as a species and our Unified nature as the Earth itself. At this stage, Earth is seen as Gaia, a Unified Collective of individuals and relationships forming a single whole.

Macrocosm: All the Galactic Clusters and Superclusters collectively form the Universe, the Unified Collective of all individual star systems and galactic relationships. This is the whole of our Macrocosmic being, and the extent of our individual capacity to recognize our collective conception.


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Nineteen - 19

Self - 1.

Eternal Present - 9.

When the Third-Eye reaches a state of exaltation, the bridge between the Perception of Self and Time to the Awareness of Self and Eternity is initiated at the center of the 18 Points of the spectral field. The Self opens the Eternal Potential Stargate (imagine the 1 of Self looking into an Infinitely deep spiral that is the 9), and begins to Realize complete Unity again.

This Realization unfolds fully as the One and Nine merge again (1+9=10=01) and become the 10, become the One, become Nothing. Yet now, as this returning to the Source is initated, so is relationship born yet again.


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Twenty - 20

Duality - Time - 2.

Nothing - Eternal Potential - 0.

Here is the crossroads of the Beginning and the End, where Time and duality exist simultaneously to the Eternal Potential of Nothingness. Now the Self has entered the folds of Time itself, moving through Existence while outside the fabric of Space-Time. Imagine a ship that suddenly bi-locates in the the Universe to teleport from one position to another. In the moment that it exists in both places, it is within a Void, a Zero-Point outside the fabric of Space-Time, and yet also exists in two places within Space-Time. This is a state which must collapse, allowing a returning to form and presence.


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Singularity - Crown CHakra - Twenty-One - 21

Singularity Phi Implosion
Phi Implosion: 7 Dimensional Position
6 Dimensional Spacetime

Icosakaihenagon Icosakaihenagram 21 Simplex
Icosakaihenagon: Locational Transcendence
Spacetime Interdimensional Singularity

Microcosm Cell of Life
Microcosm: All Possible Cells

Biocosm All Bodies
Biocosm: All Possible Bodies of Energy

Metacosm Interplanetary
Metacosm: All Possible Interplanetary Relationships

Macrocosm Eternal Mystery
Macrocosm: Eternal Mystery
Divine System

21 Pointed Star Icosakaidecagram Sacred Kin Divination Crown Chakra

Duality - Time - 2.

Unity - Self - 1.

As the Stargate of the 20 Collapses, the Self emerges from the Zero-Point again, as the One emerges from Nothing. In this state of resonance, a bridge is constantly held open, a Singularity where the 2 of Time and Duality are constantly present, as a direct engagement with both the Divine Source and the unfolding of All Things.

Here the Trinity of the Mental Harmonic is fulfilled (7+7+7=21) and the Akashic Knowledge of the Individual, Collective, and Divine Mind is Present. Direct channelling of the Sacred Knowledge of Existence occurs through this field being open and flowing. Through development, distinction can be made between precise fields and patterns of the Mind and Thought in the Self, Others, and the Source.

Inherent in the Crown Chakra's awakening is the reunification of the 21 becoming the Trinity once more (2+1=3). This occurance, and the natural presence of the White Source Light in each of the Three Cycles of the Color Spectrum in this vibrational structure, allows for a direct communion and awareness of each facet of the Divine Trinity in its full depth.

Microcosm: Cell Nuclei are the heart of Cells, which are in turn the manifestation of the individual and collective Singularity that bridges the Microcosmic world to all the forms of the Biocosmic World. At this stage, we see the Cell as the basic form of Life that can form all forms of Life, and all the following structures that enable Life to Evolve in the Mystery of All that Is.

Biocosm: Our Bodies are the heart of our Consciousness, which in itself is the Singularity which connects all Bodies and allows us to bridge our Biocosmic level to the Metacosmic level and our totality of Relationship with All Things. At this stage, we recognize the Energy of the Body and our Emotions as part of the Infinite Mystery that weaves between all things in Existence and enables us to experience that Mystery for All that It Is.

Metacosm: Our Planetary Body, the Earth, is the heart of our Interplanetary Relationships which are in turn the Singularity of our individual and collective interaction and the bridge to our Macrocosmic Relationships. At this stage, we recognize the Interplanetary Energy of the Earth as part of an endless tapestry of Energetic Communion with all other Star Systems and the entire Universe. This is again, a Mystery in Itself, and can only be experienced through the surrender of the conceptual idea of what our Planet is to the Eternal Presence of All that our Planet Is.

Macrocosm: The Universe is the heart of a Mystery, a larger story that we may not be able to see or taste or touch with our physical instruments, but which we cannot deny may be part of an Infinitely larger existence. The Mystery is the Singularity that bridges all that we know to all of the Unknown, and at this level we recognize the limited conception of our entire existence in Spacetime, and allow the Eternal Mystery of All that Is to be Present for our Discovery.


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