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Spiritual Leadership for Women
Wednesday June 23rd, 2010
North Boulder, CO

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Wednesday ::: 6-9pm
Followed by a Fire Ceremony from 9-11pm
Offering of $44 Requested

$44 Online Preregistration

Women across the world are awakening to the Divine Mother Archetypes within their spiritual DNA. At this time, thousands of women are experiencing a full body inner calling to remember their divinity and share this recognition with one another. The Grandmothers have spoken: The Time Is Now to courageously anchor this inner awakening and remember the Goddess and Priestess Within the Woman. Stores of past life sacred training and tools are within us awaiting our decision to say Yes to ourselves as spiritual leaders. The power of a circle gathered amplifies and expedites our spiritual growth through reflection with others. Creating women's circles at this time is THE container for women to safely remember their divinity and bring forth that activation within community.

In this women's circle, we will be weaving our remembrance by examining Divine Mother Archetypes that empower our spiritual leadership skills to create the sacred container of women's circles. Join Kaia Ra as she offers her years of experience in creating the sacred container for community ascension and the Goddess Within. A Fire Ceremony will follow where we will join with the Men's Circle in prayer and celebration.

• Isis - Creating ceremony & weaving magik with integrity
• Hathor - Intuitive sound healing, raising the voice in song
• Mary Magdelene - Circling with the new & full moon, celebrating the blood mysteries
• Quan Yin - Compassion, Healing and Self-Esteem
• Diana - Feminine Empowerment
• Mother Mary - Spiritual Protection, The Mother Bear Within
• Gaia - Listening to the Earth

::: Location :::

9535 N 63rd St
Longmont, CO 80503

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::: Kaia Ra Bio :::

Psychically open since birth, Kaia Ra experienced a life altering spiritual awakening at the age of 26. At this time, specific Spirit Allies stepped forward to directly teach and train Kaia Ra for her life purpose.

From Ancestors to Star Nation Beings, and all the realms in between, Kaia Ra has been rigorously initiated into the knowledge systems of other realms by their direct representatives, the Spirit Allies themselves.

Consciously spirit walking between worlds for the entirety of her professional career, Kaia Ra is a living bridge and diplomat between humanity, the earth and those in spirit.

Serving an international clientele, Kaia Ra has held a private psychic spiritual counseling & healing practice for 6 years called Stargate Lotus Healing Therapies, founded in Boston, MA and relocated to San Francisco, CA in 2007.

She is a Reiki Master Teacher of both traditional Usui Reiki and Egyptian Sekhem-Seichem-Reiki, a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner©, an ordained priestess of Isis, and a trance channel shamaness for the spirit world.

Kaia Ra has been publicly trance channeling for audiences since January 2008, with a focus on ancestral ceremony. She has directed site-specific, community interactive ceremonies throughout northern California and the San Francisco bay area. Public ceremonies have been held at Isis Oasis, Temple SF, Burning Man: Entheon Village & Red Lightning, Decompression SF, Harmony Festival, Earth Dance, Rain Dance, Symbiosis and Mt. Shasta.

Trance channelings have included: the goddess Isis-Mut, St. Germain, Buffalo Woman, Archangel Michael, Pleaidian Diplomats, a group consciousness called the Sophia dragon tribe, a collective consciousness of indigenous ancestors who simply call themselves “The Grandmothers and the Grandfathers”, deceased loved ones, and animal spirit allies.

Weaving the wisdom earth teachings with the unified Voice of Spirit, Kaia Ra’s channel is a transmission of the Universal Heart Awakening Now.




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