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What is Magic?
Why do we Use It?
What about Prayer?
Is this Witchcraft?
Where do I Begin?

Level One
The Three Realms
Basic Astral Containers
Casting a Circle

Level Two
Cloaking: Art of the Ninja
Chromomancy & Sigil Magic

Level Three
Vibrational Spectral Field

Level Five
Advanced Zero-Point Field

What is Magic?

Magic is simply the art of creative consciousness. Each of us are part of the creative flow of existence, and when we learn to apply our thoughts and choices in very specific ways to create specific results, we are exploring Magic.

A Wizard or Magi studies the patterns of creation around them, in nature, social dynamics, and all other systems. This process is as much about deep receptivity and listening as it is about creating, as one cannot truly understand how something comes into existence unless each part of that birth is observed, sensed, and fully experienced.

Why do we use it?

What most people don't know is that Magic is being used all the time, and often in very unexpected places. Very successful business training systems use a basic formula to teach executives how to use Magic in very practical ways. Unfortunately, most of these trainings inform individuals how to be extremely self-serving, often to the detriment of others.

At certain turning points in the past, those who had skill in using their consciousness to engage the forces of nature and the Sacred were labeled as "Devil Worshippers," and were considered "Evil." In fact, many of the Witches who were burned under these pretenses were healers and served very important roles in their community as guides, teachers, and leaders.

The Magic that replaced their gifts was one that taught that individuals do not have the power or gifts to heal themselves, each other, or even connect to a Divine Source. The only way to do this, so the new teachers said, was through a Church or ordained Priest.

This pattern of control, disempowerment, and disconnection has continued for a very long time, and now has left much of the mass consciousness of the Planet in dire straits. Now is the time for the reawakening of these abilities and processes, both to combat the harmful Magic that is being imposed upon the individual, as well as to unlock the beautiful healing arts that come with a Direct Reconnection to the Divine Source.

What about Prayer?

Prayer is Magic, it is simply a passive form of creative consciousness. By asking for what you want from the Source, you open yourself to receive that gift from Creation. Many people are afraid to ask however, and also are shy about being specific. They ask for a very general gift, and do not apply any coordinates or actions to aid in the manifestation process.

Wizards over the millenia have realized that symbols, colors, and geometries can be used to refine this "asking," and specify more exact intention in their communication with the Source. We also realized that the Divine speaks through Geometry and Color, as all things unfold in the beautiful patterns of numerology, mathematical systems, and vibration.

Is this Witchcraft?

Yes, actually. But Witchcraft was originally defined as the "craft of the Healer." All other references were implanted as part of a disempowerment and disconnection process instated by those who wanted more control over the people.

Take this further, and realize the beauty of the Pentagram, the symbol that some have labeled as the "Devil's Star." Even inverted, this symbol will always be Sacred Geometry, and can never reference something Evil inherently through its form. The Pentagram is the root form behind the Phi Spiral, also known as the Golden Mean Spiral, and Perfect Ratio. It has been found the the heartbeat's waveform in a psychological state of "Love" or "Compassion" emulates this Golden Spiral's ratios. It is also the ratio of the length of one turn of your DNA to the width, the spiral visible in Spiral Galaxies, and the natural layering form for electromagnetic fields. Evil? Think again...

Another crucial example is 666. The energy of the number Six, as you will discover below, is about complete Harmonic Balance. In Six, all colors can be represented equally, and the basic building-blocks of the Universe can be formulated. Two Sixes (66) are the basic components of the Heart Chakra. Three Sixes (666) allow for the beauty of the Six Colors to be represented in a Divine Trinity, where each color's three properties of manifestation (Inner, Outer, Spiral, or Yin, Yang, Balance, or Active, Passive, Equal, etc) are able to be fully present with each other. This is the Key to the Third-Eye Chakra, psychic perception, and are the Gate to a personal experience of the Divine. Can you think of any reason why someone wouldn't want you to have these abilities?

Where do I Begin?

That's the beautiful part: you've already started. Since you were born, you have developed and crafted ingenious ways to get what you want from the world, from screaming and crying at your parents, to learning the right tone of voice to use when asking your Teacher if you could go to the bathroom. Learning to use Magic proficiently is about knowing what you want, and knowing what you don't want.

When you know what you want, you can begin thinking about the ways that something can come into your life. However, each way you allow as a possibility becomes a limitation, as deciding what is possible is one of the ways we create. If it is "impossible" for you to receive that gift in another way, then in fact it becomes impossible.

This is the foundation for understanding that your processes of thought and belief about possibilities are the Core formula for Magical Creation. We will go into more depth on this and other facets of Magical formulas in the sections below. Thank you for exploring!


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Level One

Three Realms of Creation

Our basic experience of the Universe is layered into different dimensions. To explore this in depth, take a journey through Numerology and the Ray of Creation. Here we will look at the three primary realms of experience, and their relationship to Magical Operations.

Many people discovered through movies like "The Secret" that our thoughts create our reality. However, this is only part of the Truth. Thoughts work like containers, creating forms and spaces in which creation can happen. Think of an "area of thought" like a room. When you enter that area of thought with your mind, you begin to experience things that are possible within that room. Let's say you are thinking about being very hungry. You begin to find that as your thought focuses on this "space" of hunger, you get more and more hungry, and it seems like it is more and more challenging to simply go eat. This is because in the "area of thought" that is hunger, being hungry is what has the most powerful energy for creation.

Your emotions are also part of your creation process, and "The Secret" shared this as well, though it tends to get less attention than the "thinking" part. In fact, you can look at Thought as being a layer of reality, one that works in forms and geometries. Inside this layer is the layer of Emotions, like a vibrating fluid of color and light, and inside this layer is the layer of the Physical, where the vibrating fluid condenses into Physical substance. In this way, you can see that the Emotional layer is actually "closer" to the Physical than the Mental.

Through the Ages, the Sages and Wizards have described these layers as the Astral (Mental), Subtle (Emotional), and Gross (Physical). In the Astral Realm, everything is constantly changing and shifting with thoughtforms, literally the "Dreamstate" of Creation. In fact, this is where many of your Dreams take place, whether you are exploring this realm from inside your body or are journeying outward to explore the "Templates" of the Physical and Etheric Realms in the Astral.

The Subtle Realm is less structured, just as Emotions tend to be less formulated and solid than thoughts. It is like the Breath of Creation, a permeable Energy field that carries vibrations from one space or time to another. Each action you take or feeling you have is like a musical tone, which is carried through this layer of reality until it is "heard" or received by someone or something else. Sometimes old "songs" remain in spaces for very long periods of time, and you can feel this old music when you enter those places.

The Physical Realm is where these field layers condense into the Material World. In Dreams, Thoughts and the Astral Realm, you may be in one part of the world at one moment, and in another location the next. In the Subtle Emotional Realm, resonance still travels through Space-Time very quickly and easily, and can be in multiple places at the same time. In the Physical, the fabric of Space-Time becomes thicker, and energy brought down to this level may be manifested most easily in another location, which means it must then be brought to you for you to recognize it.

On the Physical level, there are many actions that can be taken to accelerate or ease the process of the creation being asked for to come into being. Here is where symbols can be very powerful, using physical objects as tools to represent certain energies or actions, and then performing a ceremony or ritual that expresses your communication or request to the Divine Source.

When these three layers are woven together proficiently, anything can be Created. The studious Magi learns to trust the unfolding of the Physical layer, allowing time for a response to come from the place where each of the other layers had the greatest ease in "condensing."

Advanced Magi create spaces and situations that will allow the "condensation" process to happen locally, or in the immediate vicinity of the Magical practice, so that the manifestation may become immediately apparent.

Each of these Three Realms interconnect and cause changes in each other. In my practice, I have found that creating effective Mental or Astral constructions (containers) is a great way to begin a Magical Operation. Then when the time is right, enter an Emotional or Subtle State that best reflects the vibration or "music" of the creation, and take physical actions with either symbols or direct engagement that can bring your manifestation into being.


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Level One

Basic Astral Containers

An Astral Container is a Mental Field that is generated to establish a specific focus area for Magical Operations. When you cook dinner, you have an idea of the meal that you wish to create, and assemble the basic components needed to complete this operation.

Taking this literal metaphor further (;o), when you want to sautee some vegetables or garlic, you need a clean pan and a hot stove-top. The pan and the stove-top are the physical containers that you are going to use to cook the veggies.

When doing creative Mental or Astral Work, it is important to have a clean and clear space to "cook," where you are not going to be distracted or adding unnecessary "spices" to the mix. There are several ways to do this:

1. Cast a Circle: Create an Energy Ring around yourself to use as a Sacred Workshop.
2. Set an Altar: Create a specific space to illustrate your communication with the Divine.
3. Access a Sacred Site: Go to an area that has natural protective properties.
4. Calibrate Chakras: Close certain Chakras and open others for specific results.


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Level One

Casting a Circle

Casting a Magical Circle

Establish the area you wish to protect, contain, or adjust. Envision a circle surrounding this area, which can be on the surface of the ground or in the air at any altitude. If you are using this circle for personal casting, make sure it is no lower than your feet and no higher than the top of your head.

Envision the circle glowing brightly with white light (standard full-spectrum field boundary), and then allow everything except the circle and any important items you want to be involved in the casting (people to protect, items to charge, etc) to completely dissolve in your vision. Envision everything other than essential items vanishing into an endless void of space, as the night sky between the stars, which will clear all unnecessary vibrations from the area inside the circle. If it is easier, you may first allow absolutely everything (except the circle) to vanish, and bring back each of the important items into your awareness as you need them.

Everything inside this circle is within your energetic field and power; everything present will react to you and affect you.

If you need to define the 3D boundary of the circle, simply rotate the circle once along any horizontal axis, and envision the circle leaving behind a spherical surface of light, as if a bubble is being generated by the rotation.

Another option is to send the circle upward and downward, to form a vertical column or tube, extending into the Core of the Earth and upward to whatever distance you prefer. Envisioning that it extends infinitely is recommended.

The circle forms the fundamental membrane of energy that distinguishes the space where your intention is focused from areas and items that could create distraction or misdirect your energy. It also forms the fundamental shape that can contain any other vibration, geometry, or structure, and establishes the envelope in which these manifestations may take effect.

Circles can also be cast in very specific and specialized ways.

A circle can be created on the palm, any part of the body, or around an external object, then extended like a tube to any other point, surface, or object, which will create an open energy pipeline between the two ends.

A sphere can be generated around any volume of space to specifically adjust energy or craft fields in that volume. It is essential to be aware of what exists within that space, or to clear whatever is in that volume from your consciousness before adjusting the field.



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Level Two

Cloaking: Art of the Ninja

Cloaking Art of the Ninja

There are many times when it is important to keep our field contained, and sometimes it is essential that we be cloaked entirely. In the Art of the Ninja, the study of invisibility is based upon a keen awareness of one's surroundings. When you are completely masked by your surroundings, you are invisible and inaudible. The energetic practice of achieving this is about bringing the resonant field of whatever lies behind you to the space in front of you. What ever lies to one side of you must be imagined to be visible from the other side of you.

The mind holds the container of absence, envisioning an empty space where your body should be. Energetically, you switch the field of feeling in each direction around your body to the opposite direction. In this way, when one reaches out with their senses in your direction, their first impressions take in only that which is behind and around you. Physically, it requires stillness and patience. The body must move as the shadows move, be still as the walls, be composed and fluid as the breeze.

Proper positioning is another essential physical technique, when it can be applied. When in a well-lit space, you want to hold a position in a location where only a very well trained and focused eye might notice you, when being still. While moving, keep your movement at an angle to any direct field of unwanted view, preferably past 90 degrees from a forward view, but at least 45 degrees. Use objects and other movement to your advantage.

The final key is to bring focus to another direction, another object, another position than the one you hold. Trigger it with your energy, or physical action. Let your thought settle upon it like a radiant beacon. Notice the shift in sense as the awareness that may have been sweeping or attracted to you is suddenly displaced elsewhere, leaving you free to maneuver without notice.

Even though we may not come across a situation in which complete invisibility is necessary often or ever, the techniques discussed here have far reaching applications. When there is an individual or entity who seems to be overly interested in your or your energy, melting your field into the surrounding space while activating a distracting field in another area can be a useful technique to effectively redirect this unwanted attention. This is only a temporary solution, however, and should be included with a strategy for maneuvering into a more suitable position.

It may be important to cloak your vehicle at times while driving, yet do so with caution. Always keep a window of awareness open to any car that may pull into your intended trajectory of motion. Distraction and conscious redirection is the most effective process for cars which are behind you, whereas invisibility is more effective for cars that are in front or to the side of you. Again, please practice with caution.

An excellent space to get a feel for the variety of applications and techniques that are available to you is a busy nightclub. When you have friends about, practice remaining invisible to them as you approach them, and then see how close you can get to them while escaping their notice. Wait, and see how long it takes for them to discover your presence, and try different ways of revealing yourself. Trying to scare them is not recommended, as you will then generally disable your capacity to approach them or others again (as your own energy will reflect the edge they now put off).

The key element in all these practices is mental and vibrational focus. You may have had the experience of looking for something for a long time, yet it was in a very obvious location that you could have seen at any moment. Physical positioning and presence is secondary to the state of mind and energy when dealing with awareness. What is it that you notice when you enter a room? Why do you notice those things? What do you ignore at first, and why? What made those things seem unimportant? Leave the room, then return, and look again. Is there anything that completely escaped your notice the first time?

Study this, and you are well on your way to becoming a Ninja.


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Level Two

Chromomancy: Using Sigil Magic & Vibrational Alchemy


Chromomancy is the art of establishing a specific vibrational field aligned with a certain set of feelings and beliefs in your body-mind complex.

Here's a simple practice that illustrates the simplicity and potency of this type of magic:

1. Decide on a state of being you would like to be able to access more easily on a regular basis. For example, you might want to feel confident, strong, and prepared. Alternatively, you may want to feel peaceful and calm. Another example might be feeling safe and protected in every way.

2. Quiet your mind, relax your body, and breathe deeply.

3. Visualize a situation in which you embody the state of being you are seeking. If you desire to feel safe and protected, perhaps you would visualize being on a tall white pillar where no one can reach you. You look down at everyone and everything below, laughing and smiling, knowing that you are safe. Perhaps you are surrounded by Guardian Angels, or you have an armor made of diamonds that is light and impenetrable.

4. Let the feeling of the visualization strengthen, breathing into it until your whole body is resonating with the feeling and the state you are trying to embody. Continue meditating and strengthening your feeling until it consumes all other thoughts and feelings in your being.

5. Now call into your visualization a SYMBOL for this feeling. If it is protection, perhaps you see a simple symbol of you surrounded by a circle that has angel wings. Maybe it is three circles, and each of them has one of your favorite colors. Maybe the symbol is a geometry that you like that seems to say "protection," or something else. Be creative, but allow the first things that come to mind be present with you, and see if they strengthen or weaken the feeling state you have achieved in the meditation.

6. When you have the right symbol, one that strengthens your feeling, is easy to visualize and feels appropriate for your magic, begin to breathe your energy and feeling INTO that symbol. Breathe with it and make the symbol YOU, so that you charge that symbol with all the energy of the feeling and the state of being you have achieved. When you are finished, it should feel like you and the symbol are one being, and you are in the state you have chosen.

7. Give gratitude to the symbol to let it resonate with your heart, and allow your meditation to gently subside, relaxing back into a state of awareness of your surroundings. Touch the earth to discharge extra energies, and let the symbol go from your mind.

Now, anytime you want to reach that state of being quickly and easily, simply visualize that symbol and breathe into it, allowing it to fill you with the vibration you cultivated during the meditation! You can call on it's energy anytime! Check on it now and then, and make sure when you breathe into it, you still feel the charge of the state you cultivated. If it loses it's charge or changes, you may need to reactivate it through doing the practice again. As long as you don't misuse, dilute, or share the symbol too heavily, it should maintain it's magic!


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Level Three

Creating a Vibrational Spectral Field

Vibrational Spectral Field - Magical Circle


There are multiple ways to achieve this operation. First, cast a circle around your area of focus. Instructions on creating an 18-VSF or 21-VSF are located following this description.

Envision a neutral 5 point pentagram field, then duplicate it, and rotate the second one slightly while focusing on one point. Once it is 1/3 of the way to the next point in the original pentagram field, duplicate it again, and move the third pentagram field to a position exactly between the 1st and 2nd fields. You now have three evenly spaced pentagrams, creating a 15 point pentakaidecagram.

Once you have established the 15 point pentakaidecagram field, envision each point being activated with a color in the spectrum. Begin at one point with red, then skip to yellow for the next point in the circle, then green, blue, and purple, then back to red and continue all the way around the circle. You will end with three of each color: red, yellow, green, blue, purple. This will give you a 15 point vibrational spectral field (15-VSF).

A second way to achieve this is to simply envision triangles of each of the 5 colors listed above in the spectrum. For different spectral properties and effects, choose a color other than orange to omit, but have caution when experimenting in this way! Start with one color, then move to the next, establishing each triangle slightly rotated from the first triangle you generate (exactly 1/5 of the way to the next point in that original colored triangle). You may have to adjust your visual matrix slightly after placing all five colored triangles, to ensure cohesion, even spacing, and a tightly structured vibrational field.

When unable to spend the time generating the field from scratch, one can also almost instantly establish this field when already in a high-energy state. Simply connect to the horizontal disk of energy around the Throat Chakra, and spread it to the edge of the circle you are establishing. This will automatically establish a 15 point vibrational spectral field (15-VSF) when your Throat Chakra is clear, balanced, and energized. Keep in mind that the field generated in this way will exactly reflect the state of your Throat Chakra, so do not trust that it will be effective when you have a sore-throat, or are experiencing other communication issues!

Finally, visualize this field beginning to spin, and watch as the colors blur together until you have a field of brilliant white light surrounding you. Notice the original 15 point pentakaidecagram is still visible, but now every point appears to be a full rainbow.

Extend your attention upward and downward from your center to a certain distance above and below you. Notice that the spectral field will expand as you move your attention, keeping a full envelope of light around the area of your conscious attention. This is an effective way to sort, identify, and absorb ANY energy entering your field or directed at you. External energy entering will illuminate a color in your spectral field more prominently as the energy is absorbed. Dark energy, vampiric hooks, or congested control cables will immediately splinter into their component vibrations and be harmlessly absorbed and add energy to your field.

This operation can also be completed to create a 18 point octakaidecagram, or 21 point icosakaidecagram field by beginning with a 6 point hexagram field for the former (18-VSF, adding orange when activating the spectrum) , or beginning with a 7 point heptagram field for the latter (21-VSF, adding orange between R/Y and a white-light point between P/R) .


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Level Four

Advanced Zero-Point Field

Advanced Magical Protection Field


Cast a circle around your area of focus.

Envision a 15 point vibrational spectral field (15-VSF) filling this circle, using one of the methods described in "Creating a Vibrational Spectral Field" The 15-VSF is composed of three embedded 5-VSF, or three spectral pentagrams.

Next, cast a second concentric circle, just outside the first one you cast so that the 15-VSF and its circle is contained within this second circle. Envision an 18 point vibrational spectral field (18-VSF) filling this circle (don't worry if you can't keep your attention on the 15-VSF, just keep the inner circle boundary in your awareness). In a high-energy state, your Third-Eye Chakra can be extended to automatically generate this field, but remember that the state of your Chakra (healthy, imbalanced, congested, brilliant) will be replicated in the state of this larger field!

Then cast a third concentric circle, just outside the second one you cast so that the 15-VSF circle and 18-VSF circle are contained within this third circle. Envision a 21 point vibrational spectral field (21-VSF) filling this circle, extending through the two inner circles to the new outer circle boundary. In a high-energy state, your Crown Chakra can be extended to automatically generate this field.

Each of these field layers can now be used to specifically adjust properties of your energetic interaction state.

The internal 15-VSF will regulate your physical state, and most internal properties of your field. If you need to change any properties of the field affecting your senses (temperature, gravity, time-perception rate, hydration, etc.), this is the circle to focus on for making adjustments.

The center 18-VSF is the neutralization circle, establishing a zero-point state in alignment with the vector equilibrium of the space-time fabric itself (see Physics section of the Projects page for more information). This field will regulate input and output of all spectral energies, while transmitting emotional awareness in whatever direction you choose (bidirectional, inward, outward, neutral).

The outer circle 21-VSF is the external state adjustment field, which can be directed to project whatever mental constructs you craft into any area outside your field circles. The white light points in this VSF act as "command points" affecting all other colors in this outer field through your positioning and adjustment of them. This field can also absorb external properties (such as background energies to induce cloaking, invisibility etc), or provide translation for telepathic communications or other light-language transmissions.

For more details on each of these field types and properties, see the reference sections, and other magical application areas.


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