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TECH v2012: Energy, Replicators, and Starships

Our current technological development is reaching an apex, seemingly only limited by the physical constraints of this universe. Yet our entire structure of physical understanding is undergoing a massive transformation, as new theories and equations succeed in describing the spacetime fabric as a lattice of wormholes connecting everything simultaneously. An award winning paper in Physics from the revered CASYS conference in Belgium shows that small black holes could lie at the center of every proton, and all matter, replacing the strong and weak force with gravity.

These new physics focusing on the spacetime structure reveal that we could engage and adjust the fabric itself, changing localized gravity and accessing energy in extremely efficient ways. Science fiction technologies like replicators, free energy systems, and gravity drives now appear to be completely possible to produce.

This talk explores these new technologies emerging from recent physics insights, and the effect they would have on the entire structure of human life and society. It also covers the practical challenges in development and implementation of these technologies from physics and engineering perspectives.


.:Web Interface Tech:.
Harmonic Spin Generator
Test Demo: REBEL System

.:On-Site Systems Theory:.
Telepathic Crystal Grids
Reproducing Extraterrestrial
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.:Off-Site Systems Research:.
Multi-Touch Interaction Surfaces
Encounter Tracing System
Quantum Computing Articles

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Flower of Life


For Best Performance, Allow System to Fully Accelerate Before Operating (300 will turn Red)

This system is designed to display different properties of a counter-rotating 21-Simplex with colored nodes.
At each speed of rotation (upper right control), new properties can be observed. All color nodes can be
operated independently, and in Trines using the bottom row controls. For easy viewing of the harmonic
overlays, use the lower right background control. The lower left control displays a fully colored system.

For more information about this Technology Research Project, review the Zero-Point Gravity section.
(currently under construction)

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CORE ∞ TRUST Systems Introduction

CORE Network Node Map
CORE Network 2D Node Mapping

CORE Network Node Mapping at Scale
2D Node Mapping after Zoom Out

CORE Network 3D Node Mapping
3D Node Mapping

Access Granted has brought together a team of highly-skilled software and web development professionals to complete a project which may transform the way we use the Internet for relationships, productivity, and exchange. We call this project CORE ∞ TRUST, short for Core Network & Trust Exchange. It brings together new technologies for online identities, information exchange, ratings, and visual data organization.

Creating a foundation software system using XDI (Extensible Data Interchange), this team will develop an open-source and distributed Identity system. This will allow individuals to manage and secure their personal ID information, and travel with a single ID through the Internet in exploring social networks, academic resources, and business sites. This is an advanced model similar to the “Passport” system Microsoft released, but with an open-source system, it becomes available to all individuals, companies, and organizations on the Internet. Also, corporations are restricted from controlling, selling, or misusing the Identity information of consumers.

The XDI software underlying this Identity system will also allow data Interoperability, where all sorts of information can be allowed to move freely across websites. Currently, the Internet exists as a vast set of “silos,” or servers with closed databases. Sometimes it is important to keep these databases from interacting with each other, but more often in current applications of the Internet, this limitation has become a huge roadblock to progress. A data Interoperability system would allow revolutionary new uses of Internet technology and information exchange.

Simultaneously to these developments, a supporting Ratings system will be created, which will full integrate into the Identity and Interoperability systems. This system will allow individual Internet users to apply Ratings to many different interactions on the Internet. Primarily, this system will initially focus on Trust, allowing users to express a level of value for the information of other users, organizations, and companies. This value can then be used to determine what information is shown to a user through search engines, marketplaces, networks, and other Internet applications. This will enable a highly-refined capacity for sorting the massive amounts of information available on the Internet, in a way that is completely intuitive and similar to the way we sort information in our daily lives. When we want to know if a certain TV Show is going to be “good,” we go to our most “trusted” sources to find out. If we don’t trust a source, the information we are given by that source is often irrelevant or useless. On the other hand, when we place high-value, or Trust, in a source’s information, we would often like to see that information first, and it is often extremely valuable.

Finally, our Team is prepared to develop multiple Interfaces for these foundation systems, which will enable ease of use and application of their powerful features. These interfaces can service a diverse range of clients, from the peer-review systems of Scientists, to the search capabilities of Google and Yahoo, to the massive product databases of eBay and Amazon. Although the fundamental software systems must be completely open-source in order to insure their ethical use and public approval, each interface developed for use of these technologies can be licensed and sold to specialized clients, opening an entire market of new Internet applications.

One interface design has already been initiated, created to show the power of the foundation systems, and break new ground in the way we map and display data interactions. This interface uses simple visual principles of geometry and color, allowing an intuitive and engaging user interaction with complex data systems. Its provides a revolutionary new way of categorizing information, visualizing networks, and navigating relational databases.

Access Granted is dedicated to completing this essential project for the future of the Internet, and to insuring that these open-source software systems are developed and guided by the masterful engineering of developers who are committed to the highest principles of social, environmental, and economic responsibility. We recognize that if these systems are not created swiftly and effectively by the open-source community, they may be eventually created by a corporation who may attempt to use them in ways that violate fundamental principles of personal privacy, security, and sovereignty.

CORE Network Interface: System Animation
Best viewed in 800x600px browser window

Additional Information and Project Materials:
Core Network & Trust Exchange


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Telepathic Crystal Grids
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One of my earliest memories of Atlantis (around 15 years old) was remembering how to create a telepathic crystal light grid. We used a large central hexagonal pillar half-buried into the Earth, and surrounded it with smaller hexagonal shards.

Circles of people wearing robes of each color of the spectrum surrounded the crystals, each toning a sound in alignment with the color of the robes they were wearing. Five in the first (no orange robes), Six in the second (full color wheel), Seven in the third (one white robe), Twelve in the fourth (two sixes), Fifteen in the fifth (three fives with no orange), Eighteen in the sixth (three sixes), and Twenty-One in the seventh (three sevens with three white robes).

Each circle counter-rotated from the adjacent circles, and the full spectrum toning created a Harmonic layering that engaged the central Pillar with the Earth's Magnetic Field. Immediately, its electrons began to jump field layers and it started to radiate light, along with all the other crystals near it. We then dispersed these smaller crystals, which continued to resonate light.

Then we set up a Sigil system using runestones that represented different locations (homes, temples, etc) where these crystals were kept. An individual would simply go over to the crystal (which was set into a plate with several slots), and select the Sigil-rune for the location he was contacting, then place it in one of the slots. That person would then focus their attention on the Sigil, and initiate a message.

The Crystal in the other location would flash (either physically or in someone's mind who was at that location), signaling that someone was transmitting. The receiver would then look at their runestones; one of them would seem brighter than the others, and sometimes be brilliantly glowing. They would place that stone in a slot, which would send a confirmation pulse to the origin Crystal, and they would begin a conversation.

The Crystals and runestones would help them to confirm messages, signal the beginning and ending of transmissions, and allow easier recognition of the transmission sources.


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Reproducing Extraterrestrial Technology


***section currently under construction***

Existing models for ARV (Alien Reproduction Vehicles) are based on advanced technologies that have serious side effects. Most of these devices work through massive electromagnetic devices, which generate fields that can be detrimental to life. Also, controlling these massive fields consistently creates problems; accidentlly opening rifts in the fabric of space-time, permanently knocking out all other electromagnetic devices, or entering atmospheric anomalies that suddenly change the functionality of the system.

Without a full exopolitical exposition (click the Blue Navigation Sphere for more information), let's just say that not all extraterrestrial technologies are created equal. There are ways to create and adjust gravitational fields without use of massive and dangerous electromagnets.

We know that Light has the exclusive property of being able to maintain its relative speed to any object, no matter what relative speed that object is going in comparison to any other object. [a] This property allows light to have a fundamental "right of way" in the fabric of space-time....

Technical Specifications section:

Independent field layers can be embedded to adjust Gravitational effects inside and outside of a neutralization field. A normal Gravity spacetime field can be established internally in a vehicle, then a layer that neutralizes all Gravity isolates the craft from the surrounding space-time fabric, then an outside layer communicates relative positioning changes to the space-time around the craft.

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