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It is a time of change on Planet Earth. The rising tide of environmental, social, economic, and political transformations are building into a Tsunami that is reshaping the entire world as we know it.

We are living in a time of Prophecy, a time of Destiny.

As we feel these shifts inside of us, they can be confusing, frustrating, and sometimes depressing. We may feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the changes happening around us, and wonder if anyone else understands what is happening. We discover strange new experiences in our dreams. We know things, feel things within us, and don't understand why or how.

Sometimes all we need is to ask questions, and have someone help us to discover the answers. At times we are just looking for the right questions, and seeking others who are on a similar journey. Other moments, we just want someone to look inside of us, and see through all the masks, walls, and fears, and tell us what they See.

We are all discovering ourselves, yet when we come together, we can provide reflections for each other, gain objective confirmations for our experiences, and gain perspective on our lives and Soul Path.

I am a Traveller through Space-Time, and am proficient in exploring past-lives, understanding karmic patterns, translating Sacred Knowledge, and unlocking our most potent abilities. If are reading this, and feel called to work with me personally, I already know that you are a Magi, Jedi, Priestess, Lightworker, Healer, Sage, Knight, Druid, Star Being, or Initiate, and you are ready to join the X-Men. You are ready to unleash your True Self, and step into your role as a Leader, a Hero here to facilitate this Planetary Evolution.

The actions we take today will influence many Generations to come, and we are learning what it means to be responsible for ourselves, our families, our friends, and our communities. We are discovering how to be responsible for our Planet. Let me help you find your Self, and others like you, so we can discover this Together.


Adam Apollo is Now Available for Private Sessions

Please feel free to contact me regarding
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These sessions can involve deep
transformation and personal development
and often result in major life changes
taking place shortly before and after.

If you decide to schedule a session
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Remote or Local:
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$111 - up to 1 Hour Session
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1a- Discovery Level Past Life Regression
1b- I-Ching Divination for Life Changes
1c- Inherent Core Ability Identification

$177 - up to 2 Hour Session
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2a- In-Depth Past Life Exploration
2b- Soul-Path & Purpose Divination
2c- Core Ability Identification & Training

$255 - up to 3 Hour Session
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3a- Multiple Lifetime Thread Exploration
3b- Deep Psychic Surgery, Energy Healing
3c- Individualized Magical Training Session

Local Only:
(in-person only)

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Balance Development Through Tai-Chi
Introduction to Sword Form Arts
Deep Tissue/Neuromuscular
(Massage Therapy & Energy Healing)