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Earth Networks
Organizations & Individuals

Financing, Industry,
Construction & Production

Social Commerce, Cultural Arts, & Personal Growth

Research, Science,
& Education

Ecology, Agriculture, and Land Management

Communications, Arts,
Music & Media

Health, Medicine,
& Spirituality

Comprehensive Harmonic Integration

Flower of Life


Financing, Industry, Construction & Production

Financing, Industry,
Construction & Production

Crafts Increasing the Flow of Capital to Good - Social network for "good" investments. Eradicate Poverty through Business in Uganda - Funding and project resource.

Equal Access - Bridging the gap between poverty and opportunity.

Giving Globally - Resource for world philanthropy and personal giving practices.

Building Materials Reuse Association - Recycling building materials around the US.

EVO - Marketplace for green and sustainable products.

Coop America - Marketplace to enable economic action for a just planet.

EcoRestore - Restorative foods, water systems, garden accessories, and ed. materials.

Greg Wendt, CFP - A visionary financial advisor and comprehensive investment guide.

Ulantia Studios - Advanced Elven armoring and energy integration systems.

Skin Graft Designs - Unearthly and odd clothing and accessories.

Traditional Archery Supply - 9th Generation english bowyer crafts handmade Bows.


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Politics, Social Commerce, Culture, & Personal Growth

Social Commerce, Cultural Arts,
& Personal Growth

Social Businesses
Personal Growth
Leadership Training
Cultural Arts

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights - Working for justice, opportunity, and peace.

Tetra Map - A training tool for organization and better performance across fields.

Dreamfish - Creative Social Networking for people and organizations to thrive.

Disclosure Project - A non-profit with 400 witnesses revealing extraterrestrial related info.

Star Dream Initiative - Peace in explores exopolitics and extraterrestrial contact.

Exopolitics - Political implications of extraterrestrial contact (may have dark agenda).

New Acropolis - Cultural association primarily based in the US.

DC Guerilla Poets Insurgency - An underground cultural revolution community.

Help Others - A portal recording small acts of contagious kindness.

SustainLane Government - Promoting cross-sector collaboration for sustainability in politics.

Political Interference in Science - An A-Z resource from the Union of Concerned Scientists.


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Research, Science, & Education

Research, Science,
& Education

Research Labs
Science Centers

Natural Genesis - Sourcebook for the creative discovery of an organic universe.

Digital Universe Earth Portal - Resource for ecological and Earth research.

Green Matrix - An evolving research tool for a variety of sustainable operations.

US Partnership - For the UN Decade of Education on sustainable development.

Society for Organizational Learning - A global, applied learning community.

TechGnosis - A research resource on many aspects of evolving culture and consciousness.

Instructables - How-to instructions for creating art, crafts, and everything else.

Biomimicry - Nature as model, measure, and mentor.

The Resonance Project - Advancing unified field theoretics and revolutionary physics.

Seascape Experience - An integrative learning adventure on the seas.

Earth Matters 4 Kids - Interactive educational experience for children.

BAYCAT - Bayview Hunters Point Center for Arts and Technology educational institute.

The Temple of Understanding - Innovative interfaith education to promote peace.

Sustainable Living Roadshow - A clean fuel travelling educational circus and performance.

We the Planet - Educational travelling bus tour.

Datachurch - A small library of people and writings that explore existence & consciousness.

Lyricus - A teaching order for the advancement of self-discovery.

Michael Tsarion - Exploration of the occult, spiritual, and alternative histories.


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Ecology, Agriculture, & Land Management

Ecology, Agriculture,
& Land Management

Ecological Groups
Farmers & Crops
Public Parks
Natural Preserves
Other Land Use

World Agroforestry Center - Transforming lives and landscapes.

Green Century Institute - Dedicated to the evolution of sustainable communities.

Ecocities International - Designing and developing sustainable cities around the world.

Aquaponics - An information resource for aquaponics, hydroponics, and agriculture.

The Conservation Fund - Partner in land conservation and carbon neutrality.

The City Repair Project - An all-volunteer organization creating urban community. - Online media entirely focused on ecology and sustainability.

Seven Stars Holdings - Reawakening the inspiration of Arab nations through land use.

Dolphin Tale - Enhancing human and cetacean relations through honoring Earth's oceans.

Frogwood - Sacred retreat center and earth ecology preserve.

Sustainable Wealth - Blog for exploration of the true meaning of sustainability and wealth.

SustainUS - The US Youth network for sustainable development.


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Communications, Arts, Music & Media

Communications, Arts,
Music & Media

Media Companies
Artists & Musicians
Network Technology - Dream networking, sharing, tagging, and streaming.

Pod Collective - A network of visionary artists across many forms of media.

IAMU - Interdimensional Art Movement Unified to bring visionary art to the Earth. - Video based network envisioning a healthy and prosperous planet.

Current.TV - Social video network to share personal views and visions. - Online media entirely focused on ecology and sustainability.

Futerra - Creative and strategic communications for sustainable development.

Grist Magazine - Environmental news and humor online resource with high quality writings.

Wildchild Magazine - Organic living and earth transformation resource.

EcoGeek - Technology magazine for the environment.

Treehugger - Innovative magazine for advancing sustainability consciousness.

Grassroots - An organization providing free internet services to non-profits and charities.

CORE Network Presentation - An Access Granted project to unify all social networks.

Dreaming Co:Nexus - A healing and visionary arts co:laboratory.

Zoetic Art - A modern visionary, spiritual, and psychedelic art gallery.

Native State Records - Advancing the musical experience one album at a time.

Green Samurai Clan - Evolving music, creative manifestation, and interconnection.

Lady Apples - Visionary musician, magician, writer and media artist.

Northwest Tekno - A great resource for electronic music events in the Northeast.

Tribal Harmonix - Community access portal to fantastic galactic events.

Serpentfeathers - An experience and exploration of visionary art by Kathryn "Ka" June.

Lightweave - Breathtaking geometry and fluid artwork by Aloria Weaver.

Shaman Eyes - Visionary artwork and media by Davin.

New Skin Studio - The visionary artwork of David Heskin.

Doktor J - Artist, musician, and visionary scientist.

Tom Vack - European photographer with amazing vision and lighting.

Poxin Arts - Visionary photography, arts, and creative resources.

360 Degrees - A full service marketing, media, and communications firm.

Galactivation - The visionary artwork of Carey Thompson.

Top Floor Studio - Web development, design, and advanced content management systems.

West Coast Juggling - Information resources on a wide variety of subjects and fire arts.



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Health, Medicine, & Spirituality

Health, Medicine,
& Spirituality

Healers & Therapists
Healing Centers
Hospitals & Medical Facilities
Religious Spaces
Sacred Places

WorldPuja - A global peace organization that is spiritually centered.

Let There Be Love - Kaia Ra's holistic healing, design, and visionary practices.

Global Synchronized Orgasm - Establishing peace and health through Global Ecstacy.

One Source One Light - A healing center for awakening, well being, and transformation.

Heart Coherence - Developing connectivity and healing through heart resonance.

Light Source - Healing through animated Sacred Geometry mandalas.

Sacred Forms - Meditation on Sacred Geometry artwork and forms.

High Magic - Appearances can be deceiving; an extensive Hermetic Kaballah resource.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth - An ancient and secret work of Wisdom.


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Comprehensive Harmonic Integration

Health, Medicine,
& Spirituality

Healers & Therapists
Healing Centers
Hospitals & Medical Facilities
Religious Spaces
Sacred Places

The Awakening Project - Intelligent Infinity explores many dimensions of everything.

Crystal and Spore - Interactive Metamedia Environments and organic technology.

Chapel of Sacred Mirrors - Visionary interactive art, events, and spirtual visions.

Elftrance - An exciting journey through entheogenic history, self awakening, and monkeys.

Dreamtime Festival - Performances, education, media, and spiritual development.

Earthdance Festival - Global synchronized music celebration in 340 locations, 57 countries.

Burning Man Festival - One of the most creative expressions of humanity on earth yearly.

Damanhur - A transformational community and global change federation.


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